About Us

ABUJA FILM ACADEMY is committed to raising the next generation filmmakers. We are a practical oriented film school with the sole aim of harnessing talents. We engage the best of industry professionals in different areas of film making to share their experiences to all enthusiastic film students that pass through our different programmes. Our instructors are men and women of proven track records, with long standing achievements in the film industry, both from within and outside the country.

Our Mission is to raise next generations of professional filmmakers and actors that can tell stories acceptable in any screen, from the smallest of smart phones to the biggest cinema in the world.

Our Programs

Our program schedule have been designed to take you from a newbie to a professional film maker.

Basic Program

This is the program for beginners in the various aspects of film making. Aspiring students do not need any prior knowledge

Intermediary Program

This course is designed to give students an all-around knowledge of his/her chosen area of film making.

Advanced Program

This program guarantees that at its end, you can write, produce, direct and edit your own film. 

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What Our Students Say About Us

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Somtoo Abuja

Attending AFA has really opened my eyes to my potentials as a film maker. I have decided to specialize in editing and will be attending the advanced course

Mr. Ernest Nassarawa

When i began my journey at AFA, I was completely new to the industry. Now i can proudly direct a film project. Thank you AFA for the opportunity.