Masterclass Africa

The Academy’s Master Class Africa is an annual event focused on building business aspect of film making. The classes are designed to teach participants how they can exploit their talents and turn it into a profitable venture.


This is the professional training often organized for practicing filmmakers and actors, training them on how to harness and optimize their talents and make more profit off it. We team up with other stakeholders to hold these workshops in different states of Nigeria and even beyond, raising business minded filmmakers and actors who will brand their talents to make more impact for society and profit from it.


This is a 72-hours marathon film making workshop for beginners under Master Class Africa initiated by Abuja Film Academy, and just like F2E, it is hosted across different locations at different times and is often announced through our social media handles. This program is used to encourage emerging filmmakers and actors on how to start off their careers, while experiencing what it feels like to develop a script, shoot and edit it within 3 days.

Abuja Film Academy offers different program for Children and Teens during weekends and Holiday periods. We strive to catch them young and give them all the necessary support to will require to grow their dreams and turn their passions into reality. Contact our Admission Office to get all the details of Admission for this program particularly designed for children and teens.

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